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Residential Appraisal Services

We provides residential appraisal services for Lenders, Appraisal Managment Companies (AMC), Private Investors and Individuals.

So why should you considered using New Jersey Realty Advisory Group, LLC.

  • Over 25 years experences valuing residential properties
  • Certified General Appraisal and MAI Designated
  • Able to delivery reports electronicly
  • Latest residential software including
    • WinTotal
    • ACI
  • FHA Approved
  • Local knowledge
  • Complete MLS coverage of North Jersey
  • Independent opinions
  • Competitive fees

We pride ourself in the quality of work produced by our staff. We keep abrest of all currently regulation and guidelines and review all reports before the leave the office.

If your AMC is not using New Jersey Realty Advisory Group for your residential valuations , ask ‘Why Not’. If it is experenance, knowledge and quality they are looking for, they need not look any farther!